Pyxis Media Group is a full-service web, communications, marketing, SEO, social media, and PR agency. We create Pyxis Driven™ websites, communication platforms & marketing solutions. We make your expertise shine. We deliver measurable results.

We Create Pyxis Driven™ Websites & Communication Platforms

We believe in the importance of your message and we know you need to reach your target audience. Our automated and fully-equipped communication platforms utilize the latest technology to do just that. We don’t just create you a website. We create you a Pyxis Driven™ Website. Easily write an announcement and your Pyxis Driven™ Communication Platform will take care of the rest.

We Make Your Expertise Shine

We believe that you are an expert in your niche. The search engines need to know it, too. All Pyxis Driven™ Websites and Communication Platforms are built with technology that is extremely visible and friendly to major search engines. With our knowledge of SEO, we optimize your site and communicate your strategic advantages to place you at the top of the search engine results. We use a metrics-driven process to determine your reach and execute your ongoing communication and PR strategies. With the four elements of Pyxis Driven™ SEO, we make your expertise shine.

We Deliver Measurable Results

We create opportunities. We deliver results. How do we do this? We start with creating our clients a clean, optimized, Pyxis Driven™ website. Then we create and execute a strategic marketing and communication plan to utilize the latest in technology to effectively reach your audience. Establishing you as an expert in your niche. Driving your customers to you. Providing you with a strategic advantage over your competitors. Delivering measurable results.

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