Fleet Magnet

Pyxis Media Group provides a full-service marketing solution for Parts Stores in the Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Market.

We know that you’re an expert in your niche. The goal of Fleet Magnet is to drive the top customers directly to you.

  • Set your store up with a strategic advantage over your competitors
  • Assist you in providing a new level of service excellence
  • Keep your store top-of-mind with the best fleets in your region

Become a #fleetmagnet.

What We Do0101

  • Custom Marketing Plan & Execution
    • Research Best Target Market (Fleets) in Your Region
    • Confirm Prospect Information
    • Craft Custom Marketing & Sales Plan for Your Store
    • Develop Monthly Marketing Cadence
  • Leads & Sales Support for Your Sales Reps
    • Trucking Fleet Lead Lists
    • Contact Information Verification
    • Fleet Calls
  • Direct Mail and Email Marketing
    • Postcard Design and Mailing
    • Letter Design and Mailing
    • Promotional Materials Design and Mailing
  • Marketing Content Professional Writing & Execution
    • Online Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Blog and Social Media Management
    • Promotions / Specials


Yes, we want to be a Fleet Magnet! Please send me more information about Fleet Magnet Marketing: